A Quick Look at the Differences Between Desktop and Mobile Gambling

When it comes to gaming in general, there will likely be an ongoing debate for some time as to the pros and cons of desktop vs mobile.

The fact is though, that while online gaming, and casinos, was built and gained popularity on the desktop PC platform, this is no longer the case. Due to the vast improvement and affordability of mobile tech and games in recent times, the mobile platform has steadily taken the lead. As of 2019, mobile gambling officially become the favoured platform for online casino gamers around the world.

There are still particular advantages and disadvantages to both, however.

  1. Mobility & Convenience

This is always the most obvious plus for mobile devices. As we all know, they are simply the most convenient to travel with. Though laptop/notebook PCs are technically mobile, they are however bulkier and require more space to use, have lesser battery life, etc.

The downside of mobility, however, is breaking or losing devices, recharging and battery issues, and unfortunately, sometimes theft.

Mobile games, because they are designed to be played on the go, are also often simpler in design.

  1. Screen-size

One particular way that desktop PCs continue to have the greater advantage is in the size of screen. The bigger the screen, the more one can see, and the more information and detailed visuals can be shown.

Due to their smaller screens, games on mobile devices are forced to improvise with simpler layouts and smaller amounts of info.

How this effects the gaming experience, though, depends very much on the game’s design and function. With some games, if they’re well-designed, this might not be an issue at all.

  1. Graphics Quality

Though mobile devices are fast catching up, PCs continue to have the best quality in terms of graphics, and will likely continue to for some time to come.

However, when it comes to casino games, graphics quality, like screen-size, tends to be less important as a feature, depending on the game’s design and function.

Online slots like at https://realmoneycasino.biz/slots and video poker games, for instance, are generally designed to look and function like their live casino counterparts, and so don’t necessarily require incredible visuals. Games like craps or roulette, though, require better graphics in order to, perhaps, capture the general atmosphere and excitement of physically playing at a casino.

Virtual reality games, though, do very much require high graphics quality and ability, and so will very likely bring the PC platform back into the limelight over the coming years.

  1. Control

The control input for games are perhaps the biggest way in which desktop and mobile gaming differs.

Mobile devices, with their touchscreens, inbuilt gyroscopes, and sensors, have created an entirely new way of playing games. How this translates to casino games can differ according to the game and its design. For many casino games, though, the touchscreen especially tends to be perfectly suited.

This can also come down to preference though. Some people may just find the keyboard and mouse a more comfortable and easy method of control, perhaps simply because it’s what they’re used to.