Check out the Basics of Black Widow Slot

The Black Widow slots game is not actually about the spider of that name, but the theme is based on the activities and characteristics of the spider.  There are no actual spiders in this game. In fact the only references to spiders are in the spider webs that adorn the interface. The back ground of the game is a brown floral design, adorned with spider webs. The actual theme of the Black Widow game is one of crime and murder, and present in the game are many evil beautiful women and their unfortunate male victims. These hapless males are destined to fall prey to the black widow murderess that preys upon on the wealthy middle class men, and takes from them everything they own.  Including their lives.

Black Widow is an online slot game with a fixed 40 pay lines and the usual 5 reels. It does offer a host of different features not usually found in many other games. There is a web capture feature, and the super stacks feature. This slot is also accessible on mobile phones.

The main character of the game is, of course, the black widow. The other symbols include her various luckless male victims and the Black Widow logo, which is the wild symbol, and the highest paying icon in the game. The wild symbol is capable of substituting for any other of the symbols except the bonus symbol. On the reels there is also the vial of green poison symbol, which is the scatter and can activate the free spins round. There are the usual card icons as well, 10 through to Ace, and the spiders webs fill out the spaces.

Medium to High Stakes in Black Widow

The betting limits of the Black Widow range from 1 per line to 50 per line. The minimum bet is 40, which will appeal to players who play a medium stake, while the maximum bet of 50 on all fixed pay lines will cost 2000 coins.

Black Widow Casino Slot

How to Win Free Spins and Bonuses

The vial of green poison will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, but if the player hits it on one of these reels, seven free spins will be won. During the free spins round, one of the symbols must appear in the centre spot on reel 3, and then there will be a multiplier on that win. Hitting the murderous Black Widow will result in combined multipliers, and consequently huge wins. One of the most notable features of this game is the super stacks feature. At the start of each spin, a stack of symbols are randomly presented on the reels. These symbols will ultimately turn into the same symbol, to create payouts. Another high paying feature in Black Widow is the web capture feature. When the player captures the female symbol on reel 3 in the middle, the pay that is awarded is based on the value of the three metres for that spin. This can increase in value up to 13 increases per metre per bonus. There are also three male symbols that can be captured in the middle reel. That will also pay the value of that metre and can increase at the same rate. The values can be from 2 to 1,000 times the total of the bet. While these features are not easy to activate, they do represent extremely good payouts when they do.