Cycling Racing Betting Tips


Cycling is one of the more physically demeaning sports available, with a wide variety of racing types and long stretched races, it’s a great sport to watch and an even better sport to bet on. In the below we will cover a few of the more important tips to get started in betting road bicycle racing.




  • Find the best odds – As with all sport betting websites, knowing where you will have the best odds is vital. Different platforms will offer different odds on bets, it is worth checking a few of the bigger sportsbooks to find the best odds available to you for the bet you are planning on making.
  • Know the race – While this may seem like a small detail, a particular circuit can make a big difference to the riders. It is important to know the details of a circuit like overall elevation, differences in elevation, surface and track layout before placing a bet on a particular rider. Different riders tend to excel in different circumstances, ensure you know the circumstances before committing to a bet.
  • Know the riders – Perhaps the most important detail in cycling is the riders themselves. If you plan on betting on cycling, knowing the riders that you would like to bet on is required for any success. Not only how fast the riders are usually but also how they react to the conditions of the race. If you plan on betting on a rider it would be advised to check that riders history, not only on different circuits but also in adverse conditions.
  • Know the bikes – Mechanical failure is an all too real threat to any rider even at a pro level. It is not the only factor of the bikes to take into consideration. Some bikes are just better than others, while the gap is usually smaller in professional level competition, it is worth knowing which bikes are doing well. When a sponsor change happens to one of your favourite riders, it’s worth having a good idea as to what bike they will be riding on in the future.
  • Know the series history – As with most sports, history tends to repeat itself more often than not. When betting it is recommended to look into the history of the series you are betting on. Different riders will always preform differently on particular circuits, learn where the riders of your choosing will shine and make your bets appropriately.
  • Weather is importantWeather is an extremely important factor in cycling, very few other sports are as physically demanding for long periods of time. Weather can drastically effect a riders performance. Different riders will adapt to adverse weather in different ways, be sure to keep an eye on your favourite riders whenever the weather conditions turn.


While there are no tips or strategies that guarantee a definite win, if you do a lot of research based on these tips it will dramatically improve your chases of a win. Remember, in sports betting, research is always the most important part.