Disco Night Fright Online Slot Overview for Casino Gamers

The Disco Night Fright slot game is brought to you by Genesis Studios. It is known for its very unusual theme, which involves both iconic symbols from the disco era, as well as having a startling twist that has caught many players completely off guard. In the visuals department the game’s graphics are decent, but by no means on the same level as more advanced modern slot games. It is the game’s unique twists, however, that makes it a worthwhile play experience for both veteran and beginner slot game players. We’ll get to the twist later.

Those who are familiar with disco fashion are in for a treat. The characters in the Disco Night Fright slot game exhibit disco fashion in all it’s glory, including bellbottoms, popped collars, and enormous sunglasses. Plus, don’t forget to bust out some of your best dance moves, since the game has mirror balls galore, and everyone knows that when one of these babies lights up, there is no such thing as a bad dancer.

Symbols and Play Systems

The Disco Night Fright slot game uses an All Pays system, which utilises 5 reels and 243 ways to win. This is certainly a generous offering, but also means that the player is not able to adjust betting lines manually. The result is a game that requires very little input from the player, other than spin being pressed at the correct time. Some players will find this to be off putting, but others will find it allows for a relaxed approach that is perfect for a bit of lazy Sunday spinning.

The characters in the Disco Night Fright slot game have already been mentioned as having exceptional fashion sense. The first, and most valuable symbol in the game, is a man who wears his enormous afro with pride. Match him five times and you’ll learn he is one generous disco dancer. The second, a stunning lady who is none to shy about showing cleavage, is likewise a well paying icon, and players will be more than happy when she makes an appearance on the reels. But what did we say about there being a twist to this unique game?

Scary Bonuses

The Disco Night Fright slot game didn’t earn its name lightly. Like getting offers at https://onlineslotscasino.ws/bonuses, upon the scatter symbol being matched, shown as the written words Disco Night Fright, the player is granted ten free spins. During these free spins, however, the theme of the game changes dramatically. The disco music will kick up and glitter balls start shining. And, shock and horror, the two characters transform into werewolves. It can be a bit shocking if the player isn’t expecting it, but that is the name of the game. The up side is that the werewolf icons pay enormous amounts if being matched, more then double the standard amount. Who knew running into werewolves could be so fortuitous?

The other bonus symbol in the Disco Night Fright slot game is the wild symbol, shown as a glitter ball. It will match with all other symbols, including the werewolves, to create winning sequences. Disco balls and werewolves are a match made in heaven.