Football Betting Introduced to Online Punters in NZ

Football, or soccer, is a popular sport in New Zealand with a national team traveling all over the world to play matches, as well as welcoming international teams do their home grounds. Placing football bets is a popular pastime for many people in New Zealand both on International and national levels.

There are many different ways which one can place football bets in New Zealand including online or via the national tab or at the actual stadium itself. Many punters from New Zealand have begun to place football bets purely online due to the large amount of choice and ease with which it can be done.

Football in New Zealand

Football soccer is an incredibly popular sport in New Zealand, with the country having a national team that often plays away games in various parts of the world. There are a number of bets that one can place on a football game or even an entire season or League. Many online bookies will offer different bets as well as different odds per team or per game.

One of the most popular football bets is a single or winning bet at This is a bet on who will win the actual game. This bet is one of the simplest ones in the world of football betting and is most often placed by beginners before they come to terms with the more complicated multiple bets. Multiple bets such as doubles, triples or accumulators come with much higher risks, but the payouts are much larger. These bets should only be undertaken by punters who understand the game of soccer as well as the betting structure that bookies use very clearly.

Prop betting is a totally different kind of placing a bet on a football match that involves wagering on something completely out of the ordinary. A prop bet can be a bet on anything from whether it will rain during the game, to whether one of the players will take off their shirt. Not all bookies offer prop betting, so when choosing your site or other betting channel make sure that they cater for your needs.

Tips on Placing Football Bets

The most important thing to know when placing a bet on a football match is the history behind not only the teams but the players as well. Knowing which teams are currently fielding which players will help you to place a successful, knowledgeable wager instead of being caught short. Injuries, as well as red and yellow cards, will have an effect on which players are currently being a played in particular matches, potentially affecting the outcome of the game.

There are many tipsters both on the Internet and at the local pub or willing to offer you their advice on football betting. Before accepting anyone’s tips be sure, to do a bit of research and check them out to ensure that they are in fact of the best quality. Tipping could be biased depending on the tipster’s team preference, or even possibly that they simply do not have the correct information.  As with many other things, forewarned is forearmed.

Finally, it is a very good idea to check out the site with which you wish to commit money. Not all online betting sites are equal, choosing a well-known and well promoted one is always in your best interest. Member’s reviews can be found online to aid you in deciding which side will suit you the best.