Winning Margin Betting in Detail for Punters

Winning Margin wagering is when you stake on how many goals the team that wins will do so with. So, if you bet on a Winning Margin with 2 goals, that is how your selection needs to score by the end of the game, with a final tally of 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, and the like.

Wagering like this has become a lot more popular in Australia than just a plain To Win stake, as these bets aren’t that tough to correctly predict if you have done your homework and wagering smartly. You will be able to stake on a Winning Margin of between 0-5 goals with relative accuracy, for example, with the odds varying according to the likelihood of the game outcome being in the way you have guessed. These bets aren’t so much about which squad will triumph, focussing rather on how much they will win by, making predicting a much easier task.

How to Predict the Winning Margin

Winning Margin betting relies hugely on you using statistics of former games between the two teams in question, along with data on their attacking and defensive line and the squad’s current form. If you combine all this information you will be able to get a good idea on what to wager on in terms of how much a team will win by. While it won’t be accurate in all the games you stake on, as sports results naturally vary from game to game, over the long-term a knowledge of statistics will work in your favour and you can expect a good profit.

We always recommend that you always take one or two Goal Margins, since they are the most common, and then stick with that over a preset amount of time. Evaluate your results over time, keeping a track record of your hits and misses with extra notes on what caused the match to end as it did. You can use this information later on down the line to make even more money back.

Am I Likely to See a Profit?

Yes, as is the case with all sports wagering, but it’s also very easy to lose money! Working out your own system and sticking to the general rules of sports betting online will mean that you will almost certainly see good returns over the long-term. This is especially true if you have taken general variance into account, something that will become easier the more experience you gain wagering. If you are researching properly, setting staking budgets and sticking to them, and thinking with your head instead of your heart, you’re far more likely to succeed.

As challenging as predicting which team will win nowadays is getting more difficult offline and at online platforms like, so it should follow that guessing by how much one squad will beat the other is even more of a challenge. Luckily, the odds are better for the latter, and you can make a demanding decision much more easily when you’ve got the facts at hand.