Wonky Wabbits Slot Guide for Online Casino Fans

Players can head back to their best childhood experiences with the cartoon qualities of Wonky Wabbits online slots from Net Entertainment. The game is set inside a delightfully rendered vegetable garden, and the ravenous rabbits that lend their name to the title hop about, waiting for the wilds to appear. Extremely cute critters are the stars of this five-reel, 15-payline real money journey, and they take centre stage on a platform that seems to have been sewn from fabric. The game’s highlights include a wild duplication feature, which will allow players’ winnings to increase in the self-same manner that real-life rabbits are so famous for.

Wonky Wabbits by Net Entertainment is totally compatible with a number of operating systems, including Mac; Windows; and Linux, and they can thus tag along wherever players wish to go, allowing for real money fun to be enjoyed at any hour of any day.

Theme for Wonky Wabbits Online Slots by Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment has very creatively designed the background in order to make it reminiscent of a handcrafted item: scraps of colourful material make up the setting for players to enjoy Wonky Wabbits on. This depicts a landscape of rolling lime-green hills, neatly marked out with garden rows; carrots rising from the ground; and grey mountains framed in the distance. The deep-blue sky is rendered with cotton-cloud formations, all of which will bring back memories of the charming cartoons that peppered the majority of players’ early lives.


The symbols of lower values in Wonky Wabbits online slots are represented by the ten; jack; queen; king; and ace in bright colours, again composed to resemble cards made out of materials lovingly stitched together. The higher-valued icons are an array of vegetables that fit in perfectly with the hand-sewn aspect the game takes for its setting: the carrot so beloved by these beasts is the top paying icon; a scarlet tomato is next in line; a golden ear of corn follows these; a head of broccoli brings up the bottom end; and a purple aubergine is the last.

The audio aspect of Wonky Wabbits fits in perfectly with the nostalgic, childhood theme, and play is for the main part accompanied by a bouncing cartoon refrain that ups the mood. Happy melodies ring out whenever players manage to line up winning combinations of symbols, and the icons themselves pop occasionally, shooting out a burst of colourful confetti that adds to the celebratory feel the game manages to evoke.

Features for Wonky Wabbits Online Slots by Net Entertainment

The game’s inspiring graphics; striking animations; and remarkable sound effects are what play revolves around, and the gameplay itself is very simple, making it a good choice for even complete newbies. A wild symbol is available, and players’ chances to win big increase hugely when these appear in multiples. Combinations for this game further pay out from the left-hand side of the screen to the right, as well as vice versa.