Casino Games With Low House Odds

It is a well-known fact that the house has to always win. It doesn’t matter how big your winnings are, a percentage of it will always go to the house. In that regard, the house always wins. It tis therefor wise, if nor clever, to play games that offer the lowest odds to the house. It is however important to know that the house always winning is not a scam or a trick or anything of the sorts.

A casino is a business. Like any other business, they have to make money to be able to pay salaries and overheads. They have to do all of that while still having enough money left over to be able to give the people that play there, their winnings. All of this needs to come from somewhere. Counting on the losses of the people, is simply not going to cover it. Hence the house always winning with odds that always go to the house.


Lucky Number 21


One of the more popular games in the casino is most certainly Black Jack. The game is fairly easy to understand and to play. Besides for an easy game play, the game also offers its players odds that stend between 1,5% and 0,5%. At some casino’s the odds have been known to go as low as 0,28% for the house. It is always important to also check if Black Jack is being played with one or more than one deck of cards. The odds are lowest when played with only one deck.


Wide Betting


Baccarat is a game that many people tend to shy away from when at the casino. The game can be quite involved and strategizing is key. But the betting options are almost endless. You can bet on yourself, others and even on the dealer. With so many betting options available to you, the betting odds for Baccarat usually start at 1.5%. These are pretty good odds for a game that people generally try to avoid. Once you know the rules, winning is pretty easy.


Black or Red


Roulette is another one of those games that people do not wish to play, simply because it looks so intimidating. But in fact, it is one of the most simplistic games to play at any casino and offers the player as many betting options as the game of baccarat. On a roulette table that has only one 0 on it, the lowest betting odd starts at 2.5%. The odds can rise depending on the number of players around the table and the amount of 0’s that are in use.


One Arm Bandit


It may seem quite strange that the general slot machine is a game that you can play that will, or can offer some of the lowest house odds. In general, the house odds for slot machines start at about 2%. The low edge can however go up to 10% depending on the slot machine that is being played. In this regard the odds are about as predictive as the game. It all depends on the game and the number of players sitting down.