Video Poker Strategy – Develop a Strategy Using Our Video Poker Guide

Video Poker, unlike slots, is not so much a game of luck, but of skill. Being a skill-based game it can be daunting to a new player as it lays a fair amount of pressure on the player, but fret not. Below we will cover some useful pieces of information to help you play the perfect Video Poker game and come out a winner on the other side.

While there are many forms of Video Poker each with slight variations on what would be the perfect game, we will be looking at strategy for Jacks or Better as it is the most common type.

Card Combinations.

To win at Video Poker, you must understand winning card combinations, below are all winning combination in Jacks or Better, from highest payout to lowest.

  • Royal – the best you could hope for, this is all royal cards (Ace, King, Jack and queen) along with a 10. All cards must be in the same suit.
  • Straight flush – Five cards in numeric succession all in the same suit.
  • Four of a kind – Four cards with the same value, suit can differ
  • Full house – A pair (two cards of same value) and three of a kind (three cards of same value) together in one hand
  • Flush – Five cards of the same suit.
  • Straight – Five cards of in a consecutive numeric sequence, suit does not matter.
  • Three of a kind – Three cards of the same value, suit does not matter.
  • Two pair – Two pairs of two cards of equal value, suit does not matter.
  • Jacks or better – A pair of jacks or higher value, this is the most common winning hand.

Learn these as best as you can as this will be vital to winning in Video Poker at the best and most reputable online gambling casino sites all over the internet.

Video Poker Strategy - Develop a Strategy Using Our Video Poker Guide

Tips For The Best Strategy

While there is generally no defined strategies as Video Poker is a game of decisions. Below are a few casino tips on how to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • If you have been dealt four cards to a straight or a flush, hold all four and draw only the fifth card
  • If you have three cards to a royal flush, draw only the remaining two cards, this can be a risk but if successful will have a high payout
  • If you have three cards to a straight flush, draw only the remaining two cards.
  • If you have a pair, always hold the pair and draw the remaining three cards unless it contradicts one of the above tips.
  • If you have no matching cards, hold the card of the highest value.

While there are more tips for Video Poker to have, these tips should be committed to memory as the foundation to any good Video Poker strategy.

Luck Versus Skill

While Video Poker is considered to be a game of skill more than luck, luck does still play a large role in the game. Keep this in mind while you learn to win at Video Poker.